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Our step-by-step video lessons guide you from beginner theory to advanced techniques.

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Receive an internationally recognized certification after completion of the course.

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Taught By World-Renowned Professor Lucas Naves

Learn modern and innovative hypnotherapy techniques from author and Doctor Lucas Naves.

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Meet Your Trainer

Taught by Professor Lucas Naves

Professor Lucas Naves is an internationally recognized authority on Clinical Hypnosis and one of the most respected teachers having trained thousands of hypnotherapists world-wide.

He is a Master Trainer of Clinical Hypnosis and NLP, Official Member of International Trainers Academy, Psychoanalyst and Doctor of Psychoanalysis honoris causa, and member of the Brazilian Society of Hypnosis. He has founded groundbreaking techniques and protocols in the field of personal development, such as the “Naves Protocol”, the “Lucas Naves Pyramid”, and the “Four Steps for Mental Reprogramming”.

Author of two best-selling books that broke sales records at launch: Clinical Hypnosis Book with NLP and Therapeutic Self-Hypnosis Book.

Professor Naves specializes in one-on-one training with students that spans a broad spectrum of today’s most widely practiced hypnotherapy methodologies, including: Classical Hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming.


Earn Your International Certification From the Mind Training Academy

After successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized certification from one of the most prestigious institutions in clinical hypnosis, the Mind Training Academy.

  • Internationally recognized (in Brazil and in the United States by the International Mind Training Academy, a company regularly incorporated in the United States at 1101 Brickell Avenue 800s – Miami, FL 33131.
  • Demonstrates 26+ hours of online hypnotherapy training from Professor Lucas Naves.
  • Accredited by Mind Training Academy, the largest and most respected clinical hypnosis institution in Brazil.

Learn Hypnosis Theory and Techniques Practiced by Leading Therapists

Receive an internationally recognized official certification

Recorded Lessons For Immediate Start, Learning Materials And Support

Course without prerequisites or prior knowledge to enroll


Learn Everything From Basic Hypnosis Theory to Advanced Techniques in 11 Modules

Module #01

What I Do
What You Will Learn

Module #02

Definition of Hypnosis
History of Hypnosis
Myths of Hypnosis

Module #03

Model of Mind
Factors that Determine Hypnotic Susceptibility
Spiegel Eye Roll Test

Module #04

Levels of
Pre-Talk, Rapport
Yes Set Trance

Module #05

The Structure of Hypnosis
Voice Modulation
Maternal Voice Paternal Voice Seductive Voice Deepening
Trance Emerging
Suggestions - Anchors

Module #06

Dave Elman 's Induction Demonstration of Induction in Anamnesis Practice The Lucas Naves Pyramid The 4 Steps of Mental Reprogramming According to Lucas Naves

Module #07

The Swish Effect Relocation of Emotions Practice: Relocation of Emotions Bridge to the Future Practice: Bridge to the Future Progression to the Future Submodalities

Module #08

Emotion Regression
Memory regression
How to safely regress Demonstration of regression in practice in a real case recorded in full

Module #09

Hypnotherapy: For Insecurity Hypnotherapy: Compulsion and Negative Beliefs Hypnotherapy: Anxiety Induction Hand Drop Hypnotherapy: Fear of Driving Hypnotherapy: For Studies Hypnotherapy: Procrastination

Module #10

Application of Erickson's Ambiguous Arm Pull Touch
Demonstration of induction in real people

Module #11

Objectification Pain Control and Practical Analgesia: Hypnotic Anesthesia Tailored Therapy

Bonus Module

Full recording of the 3 days of Professor Lucas Naves' famous classroom training


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Get your professional certification in recognized hypnotherapy


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Price: $1,500 $47/Lifetime

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